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The Allsorts team consists of experienced trainers and facilitators with the ability to engage, educate and motivate others. We cover all major markets in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. Meet some of the team.


Dr Wayne Lotherington

Wayne (aka The Switch Doctor) is founder and CEO of Allsorts. He is an experienced communications professional who developed his skills over many years in the education and advertising industries in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Wayne is an engaging facilitator, a published author and a motivating speaker. Businesses all over the world have benefitted from his creative and energetic approach.

Wayne holds a degree in Economics, a Post Grad in Education, an MBA and a PhD in business creativity.

Yen Lau

Yen is Allsorts' Creative Director. She takes care of the creative standards of our environment and our workshop materials. Trained at the Ontario College of Art in Canada and the Exeter College of Art and Design in the UK, she graduated with a BA(Hons) in Design, specialising in illustration.

During her career, Yen has solved visual problems and puzzles for clients in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada. Her work has won creative awards and international acclaim.

peter lamont.png

Peter Lamont

With years of experience across design, advertising, software development and online businesses, Peter has had the opportunity to participate in the digital revolution from its beginning; from the advent of the internet, to the Apple Mac, digital photography and video, to developing software that powers a large proportion of the world's websites.

Peter has created a number of diverse software products and web-based businesses. He possesses a keen, technology-oriented yet highly creative problem-solving perspective and is able to dissect complex technology and business problems and present solutions in simple accessible terms.

Simon Kornberg

Although Simon values his experience as Short-Order Cook, Cocktail Barman, Strawberry Farmer and Office Cleaner, it's probably his 18 years as Advertising Copywriter and Creative Director that have the most bearing on his present career. Whether based in London, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand or Singapore, Simon has been a passionate advocate for the power of creativity, with a shelf-full of creative awards to prove it.

This passion continues with the creative approach of Allsorts where Simon is a popular facilitator working throughout Asia, with programmes such as Creative Selling, Creative Thinking and Creative Presentations. Simon lives in Singapore with his other passions: his two sons.

Anne Yeoman

Anne is Managing Director of our European office, with a business focus on Eastern Europe.

She has over 25 years of marketing experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom, working at senior level for such clients as Cadbury Australia, Diageo UK, Reuters UK and British Airport Authority.

Anne is also a partner in with her husband, providing aerial support to charities requiring anti-poaching and survey support. She now lives in France.

Alan Kuczynski

Alan has had extensive experience working with the marketing departments of multi national organisations. He started Australia's first Integrated Marketing Communications agency which he later sold to DDB, where he remained as Director of Integrated Communications. Some years later he bought a small college, APM Training Institute, and grew it into one of Australia's most prestigious private business colleges.

Alan volunteers much of his time to running personal development training sessions for disadvantaged people through not for profit organisations including The Salvation Army, Mission Australia, and Youth Insearch.

john faulds.png

John Faulds

John is a creativity addict and a great story teller. Those skills have helped him achieve success at a senior level in an international career spanning 25 years. Twenty of those years have been spent in Asia.

John has extensive experience facilitating CRM workshops in over 20 countries and fully deserves the title of CRM Guru. He is a native of Scotland but you wouldn't know it, because his Scottish accent is long gone. John is now a resident of Thailand.

Greg Alder

Greg started out studying architecture, switched to psychology and worked in market research before settling down to spend a big chunk of his career as Creative Director of some fairly serious advertising agencies and picking up kilos of tacky awards along the way.

He still gets a buzz from breakthrough creativity, but these days the creative process results in a new product or a much-needed solution to a sticky business problem rather than an idea for an ad campaign. Greg refuses to grow old gracefully and can't stop learning.

Sharon Chiou

Sharon is known in the ad industry of China as one of the most successful career women in the field of media management, with over 20 years of experience. However, if you get to know her in person, she seems more like a caring and nurturing teacher. She finds most achievement and satisfaction in helping people grow and succeed, that's why she has chosen facilitator as her side job, and has enjoyed every moment of if for the past 12 years.

Sharon holds an MBA in business and media management from Syracuse University. She is the founder and CEO of ActionAd Communication Learning Center in China.

Denise Liu

Born and raised in Taiwan, studied in the US, Denise later worked for various advertising agencies in the US, Taiwan and Shanghai including Lowe, D'Arcy, Batey Redcell and Saatchi & Saatchi. She has worked with many international Clients on account management and strategic planning but always sees herself ultimately, as a creative person.

Denise is adventurous and feels unsettled when life is too easy. She has a strong passion for the good things in life and enjoys sharing them with those around her. Her biggest thrill is creating something new in everything she does.

Denise is the General Manager and Senior Facilitator of ActionAd Communication Learning Center in China. She has an MA of Journalism from the Journalism School of Missouri University.

Dr Michael Llewellyn-Williams

Michael is a hands-on, award-winning strategist and creative problem-solver. He has been aconference chair and speaker on three continents and a judge for The Effies in New York.

A guest lecturer on Better Creative Briefs and Brand Essence Workshops at the Miami AdSchool, Michael recently conducted a brand workshop in Shanghai with simultaneous English-Mandarin translation and a virtual brand workshop executed entirely online.

Michael is Principal and CEO at BrandMechanics in San Francisco. His PhD in polymer physicalchemistry is from Imperial College, London the UK equivalent of M.I.T.

George Azar

After extensive working experience with blue-chip multinationals, on regional and global levels, George established his own company, ProSeed, specializing in training and business development.

Covering the Middle East and North Africa, ProSeed quickly became a landmark and a reference in providing top of the line training in various specialized topics through importing global expertise to fit localized cultures.

George holds two MBAs with emphasis on Marketing Management, as well as International Business and Trade. George also provides private consultancies to many organizations in the Marketing field.

Jamshed Safdar

Jamshed - Jimmy, as he is known to his friends - is a strategic marketing professional with a career spanning over 30 years at senior positions in the Asia Pacific region, as well as at a global level. These include blue chip companies such as American Express, MCI Worldcom, an affiliate of Philip Morris and Emirates Shipping Line.

He chaired the Marketing & Communications committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in HK for several years and has been a regular key note speaker at trade and marketing conferences in Asia and the Middle East.

Jamshed is the President & CEO of International Brand Consultants. The company focuses on marketing, operation efficiencies and training in multiple industries.

Maxine Lotherington

Maxine is Allsorts youngest member. At just 19, she is responsible for keeping our website up to date so if you find any errors, just let her know!

Maxine is currently studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at RMIT, and working as a graphic designer and marketing assistant at Free is Better.

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